Who We Are

REAL24 is an innovative company leveraging blockchain technology to provide an exceptional infrastructure for tokenized assets, complete with a crypto securities registry. As a neutral partner, we tailor our product offerings to reflect your unique brand and work to empower investment platforms and financial institutions. Our goal is to challenge traditional methods and guide our clients through the rapidly evolving security token landscape.


Born from the idea that blockchain technology could disrupt traditional financial markets and offer new ways to manage assets, REAL24 developed a state-of-the-art framework for tokenized assets. With a software platform that facilitates the lawful issuance and administration of digital assets and securities, we provide a solution that can be tailored to any issuing or investor jurisdiction.

Mission & vision

Our mission is to assist in the creation of tokens and smart contracts while ensuring compliance with securities laws. Our vision is to be at the forefront of technological advancements in the financial market, benefiting from the technological progress of blockchain-based capital market infrastructure, and the cost savings it brings. Through agility, rapidity, and impartiality, we strive to be a trusted partner for our clients, focusing on their unique needs and business goals.

What We Do

REAL24 offers comprehensive solutions for asset tokenization, sourced from a single provider. As part of our services, we offer consultancy in the creation of tokens and smart contracts, ensuring legal compliance. Our software solutions enable the lawful issuance and administration of digital assets and securities on the blockchain, custom-made to suit any jurisdiction. With our established network of partners, we offer guidance through the security token landscape, covering all aspects of the tokenized assets value chain from asset servicing to register management and custody of crypto securities. In collaboration with our partners, we secure and integrate all necessary licenses, including crypto securities registry, investment brokerage, and crypto custody. With our all-in-one solution, operations can start within weeks, and our APIs offer maximum flexibility. We also work with investment platforms and financial institutions to provide their clients with diverse tokenized assets through our infrastructure. Finally, we showcase the benefits of tokenization through use cases such as real estate security token offerings, acquisition of distressed properties, and increasing earnings through established assets.


Schedule a meeting with our expert team to discuss your project and experience a demo of our innovative solutions. Our comprehensive approach offers a bespoke legal framework and cutting-edge technology to tokenize a wide array of assets across various blockchain platforms.