Maurer Imobiliare is on the list of the most successful real estate companies from Eastern Europe. Since 2006, Maurer Imobiliare is guided by a philosophy that has been built around the desire to create strong and happy communities. Until now, the Group sold more than 11.000 apartments in 6 cities in Romania.

Maurer Imobiliare is not just about real estate, it’s about lifestyle! That’s why we want to leave a positive footprint in Constanta, where everybody will enjoy high living standards. Our goal is to build CO2-neutral and create “cosmopolitan cultural worlds” within the city that offer everything you need for modern life. Maurer Residence Constanta is more than just a residential project – here you get everything the urban heart desires!

The project Maurer Residence Constanta offers FINALIZED apartments ranging from studios to penthouses with prices starting from 1500 EUR/sqm. The company focuses on sustainability, energy efficiency, and ecological materials. They also introduced blockchain and NFTs to offer unique property rights and investment opportunities.



Maurer Residence Constanța is the largest project that has been developed so far in the seaside city.

  • Year of construction: 2017
  • Location: in the north of the city of Constanta, between Tom Shopping Center and Tomis Plus neighborhood
  • Total number of apartments/buildings: 3400/60
  • Sold apartments: 885
  • Project phase: in Progress
  • Apartment types: a wide selection of apartments – from studio apartments to four-room apartments and penthouses
  • Prices: starting from 1500 EUR/sqm



  1. High-quality investment
  2. Low risk – the investment is guaranteed with a real estate property developed on a continuously growing market
  3. Growth market – The real estate market in Romania has enough resources to continue developing in 2023 and a real opportunity of strong long-term growth taking in consideration its position in Central-eastern Europe, a very attractive market, in continue development.
  4. Targeted returns – ROI 15%
  5. Possibility of selling on secondary market – your investment can grow along with the market and the investment can be sold on the secondary market on an increased price
  6. Experienced Management – The Group sold until now more than 11.000 apartments and has strong partners on the properties administration field. Upon acquisition, the investment team will bring on a premier local management company, with expertise and a local footprint, the management team will provide a strong active-management approach.
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north of the city of Constanta, Romania

Why Maurer Imobiliare?

Maurer Imobiliare is one of the most successful real estate companies. Since 2006, we have pursued a philosophy based on creating strong and happy communities. In our more than 15 years of experience, we have continuously evolved and today are at the forefront as one of the most successful real estate developers. The company was founded by Simon Maurer, an investor with German roots and a Romanian soul.
Maurer Imobiliare has opened up a new way for those who want a home at the highest level and a future they can be proud of. That’s why we build high-quality apartments in important Romanian cities such as Braşov, Cluj, Sibiu, Constanţa, Târgu, Mureș, and Sighișoara. The success of our company is not measured by the number of apartments sold, but by the communities created. Our 16 years of experience and professionalism instill confidence in the values on which this unique project in Romania is based. Maurer Real Estate stands for “Builders of Dreams”. Together we are building a new, high-quality lifestyle Our goal since 2006 is to create “cosmopolitan cultural worlds”!


“Revolutionize your real estate portfolio with NFTs – at Maurer Imobiliare!”

Have you ever dreamed of owning a unique piece of real estate that exists only once in the world? Then you’ve come to the right place at Maurer Imobiliare! We are the first real estate company in Romania to introduce NFTs and we are ready to change the way we own and trade real estate.
With our NFT-based property rights, there are countless ways you can benefit from your ownership. Tokenize your property and become the proud owner of a unique digital asset that you can trade anytime, anywhere.
Or use NFTs to invest in real estate and maintain control of your portfolio on your own dashboard cockpit. Rent out your property through NFTs and enjoy the benefits of a seamless, secure, and transparent process.
And that’s not all! With NFTs, you can control access to your property and even sell micro-shares of real estate. Managing your property will also be much easier when you use NFTs.
So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and contact us at ……… to learn more about how NFTs can take your real estate portfolio to the next level! At Maurer Imobiliare, we are ready to change your life!


“Not just a home, a statement: live sustainably with Maurer Real Estate”

At Maurer, we stand out by focusing on green real estate projects that protect the environment and create unique living spaces. Our approach emphasizes sustainability, energy efficiency, and ecological materials. Each project is a unique creation tailored to the needs of our residents.
Why settle for boring, ordinary properties when you can be a part of a growing community that makes a difference!

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·         Space optimization Solution: RoomInnovation
·         Green areas
·         Kinder playground
·         Kindergarten
·         GYM
·         Electric Cars Charging
·         Parking (underground/overground parking)
·         Administration and maintenance services
·         Video monitoring
·         Public transport
·         Air Conditioning (Optional)
·         TV Cable



Space optimization Solution: RoomInnovation

RoomInnovation concept maximizes the potential of your investment by optimizing the living space.
RoomInnovation products are the key to sustainable, high-yield spaces that work harder for you. Unlock greater return on investment with our efficient work-living solutions!




A Guide for Buying the ap through this website

1. Begin by browsing the available apartments on our website.
2. Once you find an apartment that interests you, select the desired size and features.
3. Decide on your preferred method of payment: either by square meter (sqm) or bonds.
4. Calculate the total cost based on your chosen method and the current price per sqm or bond.
5. Proceed to the payment page, where you will have several options, including credit/debit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency.
6. Complete the payment process, making sure to provide accurate contact information.
7. After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email that includes the necessary documentation and details regarding the ownership transfer process.


1. What if I don’t have ETH in my wallet?
2. Can I buy the NFT if I don’t have any cryptocurrency yet? And can I buy the NFT if I don’t have any cryptocurrency yet?
3. How much ETH should I have?
4. How many parts of a property are available and how many can I buy in one go?
5. Where does my NFT go after purchase?
6. When will I receive my purchased NFT in my wallet?
7. Is it possible to buy this as a square meter instead of a bond?
8. What services can we provide?


We at Maurer Imobiliare, are not just building apartments, we are creating entire lifestyles! Our real estate company is dedicated to sustainability, energy efficiency, and ecological materials. We believe in protecting the environment while creating unique living spaces that perfectly suit your needs. That’s why we are proud to introduce our latest innovation – real estate tokenization with NFTs!

Our properties are more than just buildings, they are pieces of art that embody a sustainable lifestyle. By tokenizing our properties, we offer more accessibility, liquidity, and transparency to investors. With our NFT-based property rights, you can benefit from fractional ownership, increased liquidity, and transparency for investors. Tokenize your property and become the proud owner of a unique digital asset that you can trade anytime, anywhere.


Here are ten benefits of using real estate tokens with Maurer Imobiliare:

  1. Increased liquidity: Real estate tokens can be bought, sold, or traded much more easily than a typical syndication.
  2. Fractional ownership: Real estate tokens allow fractional ownership, so investors can buy a piece of the property that fits their budget.
  3. Increased accessibility: Real estate tokenization opens up opportunities for new investors to participate in the real estate market.
  4. Transparency: Real estate tokens allow for the issuance of tokens with information about the property and placing them on the blockchain, which increases transparency.
  5. Security: Real estate tokens can be used to control access to the property, making it more secure.
  6. Lower costs: Real estate tokenization reduces the costs associated with traditional real estate transactions.
  7. Investment diversification: Real estate tokens can be used to diversify property investments geographically to take advantage of strong markets across the U.S. and the world.
  8. Easier management: Real estate tokens can be used to facilitate the management of the property, including rental management and maintenance.
  9. Faster transactions: Real estate tokenization reduces the time it takes to complete a real estate transaction.
  10. Increased market exposure: Real estate tokens are available for purchase and sale on various marketplaces, increasing the exposure of the property to potential buyers.


Join the revolution and contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how NFTs can take your real estate portfolio to the next level! At Maurer Imobiliare, we are ready to change your life!

In addition to the benefits of real estate tokenization, our properties are designed and built with sustainability in mind. We prioritize energy efficiency, use of ecological materials, and reducing our carbon footprint. Our properties are more than just a place to live, they are a statement of your commitment to a sustainable future.

When you invest in a Maurer Imobiliare property, you’re not just getting a beautiful home, you’re joining a community of like-minded individuals who value sustainability, innovation, and style. Our properties are located in some of the most desirable neighborhoods across Romania.

Don’t settle for ordinary properties when you can make a difference with us. Experience the difference with Maurer Imobiliare – we don’t just build apartments, we create entire lifestyles! Contact us today to learn more about our properties and how you can become part of our growing community of sustainability-focused investors.

When it comes to real estate, utility tokens can serve a variety of purposes beyond just buying and selling property.

Here are Imobiliares’ ten innovating creative ways how our utility token can be used around real estate:

  1. Property management: Utility tokens can be used to facilitate property management tasks such as maintenance, repairs, and cleaning services.
  2. Landlord-tenant relations: Utility tokens can be used to streamline the landlord-tenant relationship by enabling tenants to pay rent and report issues through a token-based system.
  3. Smart contracts: Utility tokens can be used to execute smart contracts that automate real estate transactions and reduce the need for intermediaries.
  4. Property valuation: Utility tokens can be used to accurately value properties by incorporating real-time market data and expert analysis.
  5. Real estate crowdfunding: Utility tokens can be used to facilitate real estate crowdfunding, enabling investors to pool their resources and purchase properties.
  6. Investment portfolio management: Utility tokens can be used to manage real estate investment portfolios, providing investors with real-time data on their holdings.
  7. Real estate education: Utility tokens can be used to provide real estate education and training, helping individuals develop the skills needed to succeed in the industry.
  8. Real estate marketing: Utility tokens can be used to incentivize real estate marketing efforts, enabling agents to earn tokens for successful sales and referrals.
  9. Property insurance: Utility tokens can be used to purchase property insurance, which can help protect real estate investments from damage or loss.
  10. Property tax payments: Utility tokens can be used to streamline property tax payments, making it easier for property owners to meet their tax obligations.


So, why limit yourself to traditional real estate transactions when you can take advantage of utility tokens to revolutionize the industry? With our utility tokens, the possibilities are endless. Join us at Maurer Imobiliare and be a part of the evolution to the future of real estate!

In summary, utility tokens can be used in a variety of ways in the real estate industry beyond just buying and selling property. From property management to real estate crowdfunding, smart contracts to property valuation, the potential for utility tokens in real estate is vast and exciting. With a little creativity and innovation, utility tokens can help shape the future of the real estate industry.

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